Stress seems so rampant in our society.  As our world accelerates through added pressure at work, technology and the fast pace of our world so does the opportunity to suffer from this condition. Anxiety can develop from biological sensitivity, personality type or overload.

Someone who is anxious is often responsible, hardworking and a perfectionist. They are sensitive to criticism, fearful of rejection and aim to please and seek approval.  They are affected by others’ opinions, need to be in control, have difficulty relaxing, difficulty with strong emotions and being assertive.

Anxiety can develop with inadequate bonding, separation anxiety in childhood, repression, critical or over-controlling parents, parental abuse, anxiety in family and friends, and mental illness of another family member.

Knowing the ways to understand anxiety is the first step to decrease the stigma and help someone calm down faster. Fitness Professional Online

There are benefits from being a person with an anxious personality because they are kind, caring, and supportive, loyal to friends, a good worker, listener, competent and high achieving and more open to spiritual things. The problems are that they struggle with learning to say no, difficulty setting reasonable limits and be strong in their emotions and resentful.

Anxiety can come in various forms and some of them are not always apparent to the casual observers. Some people demonstrate anxiety with irritability obsessive behavior, sensibility to change, fast talking, stuttering, sitting looking into space.

There are many tools to combat anxiety. Avoid caffeine, processed and fried foods help. Drink hot tea with calming herbs, try to eat foods like bananas, cereal, milk, tuna, and eggs before bedtime may help you fall asleep faster. Warm milk increase tryptophan’s which helps you fall asleep.

Using breathing exercises and creative visualization of thinking through things another way is effective. Aromatherapy with essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender or peppermint oil can help you as you sleep, take a bath or relax at home or the office.

Vigorous exercise earlier in the day can help with taking your anxiety and putting into running, walking or another aerobic exercise. Avoid vigorous exercise at least two hours before bed. Doing yoga or stretching is a good way to unwind before bed.  Refocus Your Energy with something you enjoy such as music, puzzle, or game with yourself or a trusted friend.

Massage or even using a foam roller is a great chance to work out tight muscles after hard workouts. Stretching, taking a walk or yoga is also effective. Take a mini vacation from your problems, take a nap, spend time with someone who builds you up and is open, free, caring and impartial like a small child or pet.

Find nature and enjoy it without technology. Leave your phone at home. Do Something Creative like working on a hobby can combat anxiety. Writing, crafting drawing or coloring is an opportunity to take your mind off yourself. Even visiting a craft fair or museum is also a great idea as well. There is also a mind set with anxiety. Make a decision to have peace of mind, trust, serenity, assertiveness, ability to live in the present, positive and nonjudgmental.

Knowing the ways to understand anxiety is the first step to decrease the stigma and help someone calm down faster.  It is also important to know how to combat anxiety with tools to help the person or even yourself in times of struggle. Last of all remember that when all else fails the Bible reference in 1 Peter 5:7 tells us to cast all anxiety on our Lord because he knows what we need because he cares for us.

Teachers pay teachers calming

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Teachers pay teachers calming

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Christina Chapan

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