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As Fitness Professionals, many of you have been or are thinking of expanding your fitness empire, but are not quite sure where you want to take your business. The biggest questions are how can you work smarter, not harder? How can you increase your income with PSI (passive streams of income), when there are only 24 hours in a day?

This is where implementing a sound Client Acquisition program can help you take your business to the next level.

Now, before we continue on let’s look at what Client Acquisition is; Client Acquisition is defined as the process of acquiring new clients for your business or  converting existing prospects into new clients. Your main goal is to acquire as many clients as possible through your marketing campaign, thus increasing your email listing and ultimately having a great funnel system with your PSI campaign.

business_expansionTo get started, you have to think about your market; what drives or motivates you as a fitness professional? What is your passion? What type of clients do you prefer to work with? Newbies? Intermediate/Advance exerciser? Teens? Outdoor? Corporate? What type of clients don’t you like to work with? Remember, it’s better to be the ”best’ in a selective area of fitness (initially), than to try to be everything for everybody.

Okay, so now you’ve determined what type of clientele you want, we have to look at how you’re going to acquire your new wonderful clientele. These are just some of the areas that trainers are in:

1. Gym
2. Outdoor Training
3. Private Studio Training
4. Mobile Training
5. Online Training

You may have another form of training, I’m sure there’s more, but for the sake of this article as well as where the majority of trainers train, we’ll keep it down to the above 5 areas.

Okay…let’s go!

1. At the gym: If you’re a gym employee (contractor), you have the rare opportunity to acquire new clients through orientations, and floor trainer as well as when you’re training others (people will always watch you train others). Take the time to meet, greet and assist your members to increase your clientele base. Never assume that members are not interested in your services…they ARE! Now you just need to show them what a difference you can make in their lives and in their fitness goals.

How to stand apart from the rest: Make sure you keep a copy of all the orientations that you do and follow-up within the next few weeks with those members. Remember that even though they may not sign up initially with you, if they see you around the gym or if you show you care by contacting them on their progress some will sign up with you!

2. Outdoor Training: Outdoor training can be a little tricky for acquiring new clients, but it can be done! The goal is getting people interested in your outdoor workouts. Here in San Diego we have the advantage of great weather pretty much year round, but there also can be a lot of trainers at the same park as you, doing the same thing (in the public eye).

How to stand apart from the rest: Get a great banner and place it by your outdoor workout groups. This is a great way to catch the eyes of those walking by as well as driving by. Advertising can work, depending on your area it can be a hit and miss, but don’t give up. People have been burnt in the past, so by showing that you’re consistently out there and training your members while having fun, they’ll be more inclined to sign up. Be Friendly: Often people will stop by and ask questions. Instead of just handing out your business card, break away from the pack and get their numbers/email address and follow-up with them THAT DAY! Don’t let too much time pass, as they maybe speaking with another trainer a few steps away.

3. Mobile Training: Mobile Training, combines different modalities of training (in-home, studio/gym and outdoor).

How to stand apart from the rest: Get a sign/poster for your car advertising your services. Referrals, Referrals, REFERRALS! Ask your clients for referrals. Offering free fitness assessments as well as volunteering for fund-raising events is a great way to get your name out in your community.

4. Online Training: Online Training can be utilized in one of two ways; One, you can design workout programs to potential clients for a pre-designed cost, or two ,you can train them online via your web cam. I personally know clients that have done both methods with various degrees of success, so you must choose which one works best for your business as well as your personality and style. Make sure that your workouts are pre-made in advance, as well as your questionnaires to help your business flow smoothly.

How to stand apart from the rest: Offer a 15 minute fitness consultation in order to discuss your potential clients goals and how you can help them meet them.

online_trainingThere are a few other ways to increase your standing and getting your name out in the community. You can market your business through sites such as,, or to name just a small few in most area both in the US and abroad.

While Craiglist and are both free, it can be somewhat challenging to get people (not spammers).to respond to your Craigslist ads. When in doubt, look at some of the other ads for ideas. You can post under “Activities”, “Classes” or “Events” on Craigslist and can post multiple ads for free. as well as (,, etc.) will advertise your business to thousands of people in your area (technically for you), but they will take a percentage of the cost of your sessions. The downside is that business is offered at a substantial discounts and they will take a percentage of that amount. Upside of using these companies: You’re able to advertise for “free” without paying a dime to thousands of people who didn’t even know you existed. Some trainers love it, for the above reason and other dislike it for those exact same reason, so chose with your eyes open. is a local group that cost above $15.00 – $20.00 a month and you’re allowed to post up to three (3) posting for you company’s business. The best thing about is that you choose the meet-up area, times, dates and advertising as well as the cost of your workouts. The downside to Often times people will sign up in your group, yet never attend any of your workouts.

How to stand apart from the rest: and will give you unlimited support on getting people to sign up, but then the rest is up to you.

You can also set up your company where the public can go to your website and download programs for a fee without your actually training them. There are many companies that work with personal trainers for all our needs as well as helping you to launch your business online.

There you have it! I hope that this inspires you and fires your enthusiasm to take your business to the next level and increase your clientele.

Until next time, Cheers to Life and keep training!

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Lisa Lorraine Taylor

Lisa Lorraine Taylor

Lisa Lorraine Taylor (aka TrainerLisa) owner of Taylor Made Fitness in San Diego has been providing quality Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching/Services since 1995. Lisa Taylor is Certified as a Personal Trainer, Group Ex, Fitness Practitioner (AFAA), AFAA CEU Provider, Fitness Consultant, Health Coach (gold), Instructor at USD, Writer and all round fun person!
Lisa with a B.S. in Holistic Nutrition, and a minor in Nutrition/Optimum Fitness has expanded her business to include being a Beachbody Coach, and a Fitness Consultant in helping others in the Fitness Industry and well as individual Personal Trainers to grow and market their business.
Lisa Lorraine Taylor


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