To rent or buy equipment: A Dilemma for Gym Owners

The growing popularity of all things tight, toned and beautiful, personal trainers are moving in droves to set up gyms and become their own boss.
If you have developed a devoted group of clients, either through employment at a larger gym, or through freelancing, it may be possible to self-fund the launching of your gym, especially if you start out small.
There is no doubt that one of the biggest financial hurdles to clear when launching your own gym is acquiring equipment. When doing this, there are two main ways to finance such equipment: outright purchasing, or leasing the items.

Alternate Revenue Streams

Hi Fit Pros,

TrainerLisa here and in this month’s fabulous issue of Fitness Professional Online, I’m going to give you some ideas on how to tie in Alternative Streams of Revenue in your business.

Regardless of whether you’re an employee (at a gym, spa or wellness center), you’re an independent contractor, or work for yourself, everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE) in our industry has thought of or has some Alternative Stream of Income. And if you don’t but have always thought about it, well think no more, it’s time to act and start securing your future!

Now before I get into what those stream are, and how you can tap into the business with little effort (hopefully), we’ll briefly touch on what exactly Alternative Streams of Revenue are, and what it can mean to you and your business.

Alternate Revenue Streams

Hi Fit Pros,

Trainerlisa here and wishing you a spectacular May 2014! In this issue we will be addressing Alternate Revenue Streams and how it can increase your brand, income and marketability.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM): For many, MLM is a great way to increase their income, with supplements being the prime focus. Some of the perhaps more popular that are out there right now are (in no particular order): Beachbody, Isagenix, Advocare, Bodybyvi, HerbalLife, TakeShapeforlife (Medifast), just to name a few.

While many have been able to make a very profitable income with mlm, many more have been burnt on them. My suggestion to you if this is something of interest, do your homework and research every company, find out your bottom line cost (products, website, etc), before making the investment. Believing in an using the products can help you in your business endeavors.

Program Design For Group Training

If you are thinking of moving into the avenue of group training, know that it can be a great way to make more money and simplify your daily schedule. However, it is a learning process in regards to program set-up and efficiency. It is usually within the class that you realize your mistakes in planning or set-up and by that time it’s too late! If you have a happy client it may not be an issue but remember that your participants want a great workout. They want as little time as possible wasted and if you have to take time during THEIR workout to modify or change the structure it may leave them frustrated.

Here are some tips in order to have a smooth transition into group training from private training:

Client Acquisition

As Fitness Professionals, many of you have been or are thinking of expanding your fitness empire, but are not quite sure where you want to take your business. The biggest questions are how can you work smarter, not harder? How can you increase your income with PSI (passive streams of income), when there are only 24 hours in a day?

This is where implementing a sound Client Acquisition program can help you take your business to the next level.

Now, before we continue on let’s look at what Client Acquisition is; Client Acquisition is defined as the process of acquiring new clients for your business or  converting existing prospects into new clients. Your main goal is to acquire as many clients as possible through your marketing campaign, thus increasing your email listing and ultimately having a great funnel system with your PSI campaign.

Starting Your Own Business

Creating your business culture
Yup, think about it. A culture you want the public to want to be apart of. A Culture where you gain respect from local professionals in the healthcare industry and a Culture YOU can be proud of.

Your business represents you and what you stand for. So be prepared to represent well!

The future can feel so bright to someone starting out. That is called Excitement! You have big dreams, big aspirations. How do you find clients? Where do you look for work? Should I do private training? Should I open my own facility?

To be honest, you really won’t know what you want to do until you do what you hate to do! This is where you need to ask for help! In order to grow your business you must start with the word HELP.

Tips for Time Management

Most likely, at some point in your life, you’ve attempted to use a planning system in order to organize and prioritize your schedule. Although despite these efforts, you may still be wondering, “Where does all my time go?”

The reason these methods don’t work is simple. These day planner systems place a disproportionately high amount of importance on clock time as being the greatest determinant for effective time management. The main weakness of this approach is its lack of consideration for the influence that human interactions have. Ultimately, successful time management is not a matter of how much time you have, but rather how you choose to use your time. The solution? Less planning, and more doing.


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