From this research there are four key take-aways to health, happiness, and success.

TV fitness celebrity Forbes Riley states, “open your eyes to new healing possibilities” in the foreword of my new book Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds. She sets the tone for stories from eighteen health and healing experts who have helped themselves and clients overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges even when given six to eight weeks to live. From this research, there are four key takeaways to health, happiness, and success.

1. Focus on Your Reason to Live

From this research there are four key take-aways to health, happiness, and success.Not only do we want our clients to have fit bodies but also happy lifestyles. We can create a stronger force than any disease, sadness, or failure when we tune our mindset to the joys we have to live for; to our purpose in life.

Bernie Siegel, MD saw patient after patient heal from terminal cancer when they did what they love or focused on their duty in life. One man felt surgery would get in the way of his springtime landscaping saying, “If I die, I’ll leave a beautiful world.” Yet he didn’t die at that time because he was focused on making the world beautiful. One woman refused to die until all nine of her kids were married.

My favorite story that I heard from another source was of a woman who stayed alive to watch a soap opera series. No matter what the reason for living is if you want your clients to have a greater drive for committing to fitness, have them focus on their “why”.

2. Don’t Listen to Everything

From this research there are four key take-aways to health, happiness, and success.I was surprised when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism that my doctors told me there was no solution and yet I found one. Within my research I was shocked to discover the food pyramid may not be the most healthy diet balance and yet that was the popular belief at the time. I discovered the trusted foods, household cleaning products, and the air we breathe, also pose health risks.

Maureen Belle, who was given six to eight weeks to live from stage four Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2006, was in hospice expecting to die any moment when she realized she had a choice. That triggered her to start healing.

She also researched what was in her chemo drugs and discovered one was made from one of her favorite plants. She did that last round of chemo with an appreciation for the drugs and did not experience the usual side effects. Today she is a fully healthy, wise, and beautiful woman. With having found nearly two hundred stories of people healing beyond their doctor’s prognosis, I have realized you do not always have to listen to them. Nor do you have to listen to the list of side effects expected from drugs because when we shift our mindset, a different reality can happen.

Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg, Lady Gaga, Albert Einstein, and many other famous accomplished people were also fired, failed many times before succeeding or were told they were not good enough for their vocation. If they listened to those who doubted them, where would we be today without their creations? Don’t listen to everything. Fatal pronouncements do not have to be your fate

3. Do What You Can Do

From this research there are four key take-aways to health, happiness, and success.Brooke Goldner, MD, also featured in Healing Happens, had such a severe case of Lupus that she was on chemo for two years in high school. She never expected to live a long life, have kids or get married. But she did what she could do. She became a doctor, fell in love, and went on a vegan diet plan to lose weight before her wedding. All of a sudden her routine check-up showed no sign of Lupus. It has remained that way for thirteen years and she has been helping hundreds of other people get over auto-immune disorders simply by changing their diet. She is teaching others how they can become an active participant in the process of healing.

Another aspect of doing what you can do is choosing what you like doing. Eating broccoli just because you were told it is healthy and yet you cannot stand it can actually cause more ill health from the negative emotions.

One can also choose their course of health and healing according to what they have the willpower to do. Since the various layers of healing—physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual—are interconnected, do what you can and like to do in order to easily and enjoyably effect positive change. For example, if you can’t alter your emotions to feel good, change your diet; and as your body heals, your emotions may become more positive. If you can’t change your eating habits, meditate; the calmness it brings will likely shift the types of food you crave to match that state of inner peace.”

4. Ask What is the Gift?

I don’t believe health challenges happen due to some divine retribution for anything we have done wrong. In fact, they have often been a trigger for someone to make a positive change in their life like finding more supportive relationships or a more inspiring job. All of the people in Healing Happens who experienced physical trauma learned wisdom or a new skill they have been sharing with others to better their lives.

Both Maureen and Brooke have been sharing what they learned from their healing experience and helping others reduce pain and get rid of the disease. Tryshe Dhevney was told in a voicemail to get her affairs in order as her doctor didn’t think there was a solution for getting rid of the Hepatitis C she had. For fun, she started playing with singing bowls. Three months later the doctors could not find any trace of Hepatitis C in her blood. After doing some research on the healing power of sound, she started to play singing bowls for others bringing them the huge gift of healing that she received.

During a time when clients feel challenged or unsuccessful, how much better they can feel if they focus on the gifts in their situation.

Imagine if you could achieve anything in six months, what would it be? What would you have or feel? Choose who to listen to so you can find the open doors and be an active participant. Whenever you hit roadblocks, ask if there is a gift behind the situation.

“You don’t learn to walk by following the rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”—Sir Richard Branson

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