Changing Up Your Workout Routine During Pregnancy

Following a healthy diet and exercising during pregnancy can bring long-term cardiovascular benefits to a woman’s children, say scientists at King’s College London, while another (2021) University of Virginia Health System study shows that exercise during pregnancy can help children reduce their chances of developing diabetes and other metabolic diseases later in life. The key is definitely to stay active, but it’s important to adapt existing workout regimes. Whether you are a gym owner or personal trainer, the first step to ensure your pregnant clients are taking the right measures is for them to run their proposed workout routine by their health professional. Just a few considerations they may wish to discuss with their OB-GYN can be found below.

Helping Pregnant Clients To Workout Safely & Effectively

Only 25% of women participate in the recommended physical activity levels during their pregnancy, according to the University of North Carolina. Women with uncomplicated pregnancies should aim for daily 30 minute workouts, yet so few do this as they fear that it will harm their baby’s health. But with multiple health benefits related to prenatal exercise, it’s down to professional fitness instructors to promote safe and effective workouts, just as they would do to postnatal women. 

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