FPO 011: Interview with Michael Torres

In this episode we get to talk to Michael Torres, founder and owner of The Integrated Performance Institute. Michael informs us of the obstacles and hardships that come along with starting a business in the fitness industry as well as the joys and moments that make it all worth it. If you are thinking about starting your own business you do NOT want to miss this episode. Michael gives his invaluable insight on the entire process and shows us how he came to be known to bring together an approach unlike any other the industry has seen with a conitnuum of care from Sports Medicine to Sports Performance.

FPO 010: Interview with Ken Baldwin

In this episode we get to hear from Ken Baldwin from the National Posture Institute and his expert knowledge on posture. He gives us his insight on the importance of posture, how it afffects your body, how to reach ideal alignment and more. He informs us of the risk trainers take when they overlook posture in dealing with their clients and the negative affects it has. So do your clients a favor and don’t miss this episode!

FPO 009: Interview with Amanda Harris

In this episode we get to hear from Amanda Harris-the woman who has been through the ins and outs of ACAC Fitness and Welness Centers.  Amanda tells us how she climbed her way to the top of ACAC and how she found herself wanting to move back down the ladder a few notches. Amanda tells us about her journey in the fitness world, how she currently encourages and motivates those she works with, and how she sees the future of the industry turning out.

FPO 008: Interview with Lisa Shaughnessy

In this episode we get to hear from Lisa Shaughnessy-the creator of Agility Social Cues, the fitness professionals online resource for marketing and social media information. Lisa tells us how she took her two passions, fitness and marketing, and combined them to make a much needed business! Learn from her expertise in social media within the fitness industry to help make your marketing more effective.  More on Lisa.

FPO 007: Interview with Vito LaFata

In this show, we get to talk to Vito LaFata about his background in the fitness industry, how he branched off on his own, and where he see’s the fitness industry headed in the next several years. Vito LaFata is an entrepreneur in the fitness industry and tells us how he overcame the many obstacles that stood in his way to become a prominent fitness professional in the bustling city of New York, and how through this he saw a gap in the industry and set out to fill it. Vito has recognized the need for a business helping other fitness professionals create their own business and strive in it. Find out how he did it and how he can help you! More on Vito 

FPO 004 : Interview with Kathy Gruver

In this episode, we got to talk to Doctor Kathy Gruver. She is the author of the Alternative Medicine Cabinet and she earned her doctorate as a Traditional Natural Path and PhD in Natural Health. She has studied Mind Body Medicine at the famed Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School and pursued further education at the National Institutes of Health. Kathy is also been featured as an expert in countless publications and has written dozens of the health and wellness articles. She has appeared as a guest expert on over fifty radio shows including this one here today and has done over 40 educational lectures around the country.


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