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Doug Holt: Hello everyone and welcome to the Fitness Professional Online Radio Show. And I am your host Doug Holt and thank you for joining us for this third edition of Fitness Professional Online Radio Show. We’re really excited to have you with us and really appreciate those who took the time to rate the show on iTunes. If this is your first time listening the show or if you had a chance to give us a rating, we greatly appreciate it and the more positive ratings we can get on iTunes, the higher the show’s ranking goes up. And for those of you who’ve sent us feedbacks, we really appreciate we are continuing to get better and working very hard at it. We’re excited today to have you with us. Happy holidays! Coming in to the New Year, we do have Ryan Jeffrey with us; he’s Executive Vice President of Laser Gym. I’ll begin with a little bit more about what Ryan will be talking about with us. But in the meanwhile, wanna encourage guys you all to take a moment to visit fitnessprofessionalonline.com and let us know what you like and what you don’t like. We’re continuing to release our different phases. Right now we’re getting rare released phase two which will be in January. That’ll include many more products reviews like we’ll be talking about with Ryan today? As well as continuing, continue audition of articles. Again, so go to fitnessprofessionalonline.com and let us know what you think. We greatly appreciate your help and support there. Also phase two will be really, quite a bit more in our partnerships. So stay tune for that. We’ll also be releasing our YouTube channel and as well as our more frequent twitter feeds, kindly find that out. So let’s get on to the call of Ryan Jeffrey, I don’t want to waste your time here, a little bit of Ryan and how he got started. In 2009, Ryan decided to leave a job in finance to pursue his passion for sports and Kinesiology, founding Laser Gym with his father, Rick, “Is the best decision I ever made,” he says. “I now get to combine my interest in Kinesiology and business to create and develop products that betters people’s lives. For earning his Bachelor in Economics at Clear Mac Mechanic College. Ryan was in all-league starting picture, “I always had some small injury; I properly spent an hour a day in the training room,” says Ryan. Ryan’s misfortunes as an athlete turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it gave him the knowledge and experience needed for the development of the core laser and other laser gym products. “It so frustrating to be injured all the time,” he says. “But now I realize that I’m receiving a free educational in Kinesiology and Biochemical,” that’s how many of got to be heard in the fitness industry. All by accident but this turned out to be a blessing for Ryan. So, without further ado let’s get in to the call with Ryan Jeffrey.

Alright, we’re on the phone right now with Ryan Jeffrey, the Executive Vice President with Laser Gym and the great product that we reviewed here at Fitness Professional Online, the Core Laser I know I used to a lot of as well also to all the trainers. So Ryan thanks for joining us.

Ryan Jeffrey: Yeah, no problem. Thanks for airing me on.

Doug Holt: Absolutely, I’ve wanted to talk to you for a while about that, first of all I want to greet all the listeners, kind of how you get started with laser gym and how the idea came about.

Ryan Jeffrey: Yeah, laser gym came about through our educational sports training so I was coaching high school baseball team during a lot of lessons and trying to relay a way for players to be the one to create power rotationally and most officially in their self. My father and I have always ideologies about body movements and our mechanics, and in martial arts enthusiasts, and so through over time just kind of discussing our theories we came up with some of the patterns involve on the targets of laser. And then eventually we came up with the idea for laser as visual training aid some sort of just verbally instructing you know, athletes on you how you wanted to move. The laser provided with the reward-based training or you know, the virtual cue for the moving of the body when you trying to have to do. And we found out its very helpful as a teaching tool to watch out for the particular.

Doug Holt: Yeah, that’s great. I’ve used in many times with athletes but also ordinary clients. When you say ordinary, weaken warriors, just so we teach them where to use their pelvis and their body in space. Where applications are refined where people are using them mainly for.

Ryan Jeffrey: Well, so that’s how the product was originally developed. And then, as we go on some medical professional short team, we actually found through some testing that it was a great device for great treatment modality for low back pain release because it’s so such a great tool in promoting functional body movement, by strengthening and increasing range muscle flexibility and the core area. You know, stabilizing muscles, spine along to the lumbar area that transfers to different muscles. So it’s really a great treatment to all back pains, as well as teaching modality, you know, any kind of functional body movement that you might be doing and so you will reach the basic to much more dynamic type of movements.

Doug Holt: As you guys kinda progress with the business model, I know you guys have a lot, kind of a next right now, grasped… have anything really jumped out, you know, really surprised that people are using the Core Laser for?

Ryan Jeffrey: We we’re surprised that first just for people using it for basic things, I mean playing braces one-legged, one-legged balance type of movements, just because we really haven’t thought it in relation until like trainers involve to our attention. And then you know, the release of the product would be a more specific training aid for rotational sports. You know, outside the basal which was recently developed for, you know, great success in using it in variety of ways. Either through our system or to a protocol or providing or just using the actual technology, so-to-speak of direct visual feedback with the laser, to swing training, to hip reputation and you know things by nature. So, it’s been great how to take progress, kind of grown from more original idea and we’re excited about the, we’re excited about the future prospect as well as future product lines using a kind of technology in direct visual feedback with the laser.

Doug Holt: Yeah, it’s absolutely phenomenal. We did review for the sites, as of our listener now, in great response. I was actually in the gym yesterday and one of our strength coaches was using it on a go forth and do an assessment. And it gives a quantifiable measurement tool, it was fantastic to see the response, you know save to say, turn this way or move your pelvis and anterior pelvic tail to your posterior public tail, and man, this particular guy was able see it on the wall and it’s a great feedback advice.

Ryan Jeffrey: Yeah absolutely, something it happens with you know kind of a body and mind connection. A body connection that you get to see what you’re feeling, that your body… that’s the great thing about this device that let you do that. So, we know that, given that kind of reward-based training is very helpful for most skills, as well a number of lot of things.

Doug Holt: So more to the business side of thing, and I know there are a lot of people that are listening to us right now, that have the product idea and want to bring the market. When you and your father came of the concept of the device, walk me through you know, just the basic. What steps did you take to bring it to work today?

Ryan Jeffrey: (Laughing) Yeah, I mean, in concept today, we’ve been commercialized I mean you know, for retail products for about 9 months now. And from the concept to now, the product is about 2 and half to 3 years. Especially working with the small products have, limited resources you know it takes some time. If we went through about 7 or 8 generation of prototypes and this is everything from you know, me cutting piece of a card board and taking it to the tailor and having it to the fabric together and making it into loops so that we can reap it you know, a laser point or onto it. And all along the way you’re trying to find is more or less perfect concept you know, you need an idea and you have no idea where you could go to actually works. And it takes a lot of blind phases in the industry but the product is definitely warned as you go. So for us once we’ve found some perfect concepts a few narrations through of the prototyping, we really felt like we have something here. So we got to lean on for this all, to filing of the US patents. And we are fortunate enough to work with some very talented people and got to be approved about 6 months ago. So that’s how the industry that we are in today, so far as negotiations with distributors and other possible partners, that’s something that I would highly recommend anybody has a unique idea is trying you know, trying to get into intellectual property established so you can do that. That process can be somewhat time-consuming and ongoing.

Doug Holt: I can’t imagine, always be the one to take your idea either as you bring it to market. That’s fantastic, something I let everybody know and may be you can touch on this or something to change, I know for our business and our current partners that we worked with, I know you guys offer professionals, kind of affiliations or affiliate or re-sell agreement. I know, we sold one recently to a client in Dubai as far as that. And we talk a little bit about that and I’m sure that all things are always changing but can you let people know, one can get the core laser for their practice but two, possible opportunities for them to make some money on it.

Ryan Jeffrey: Great! Those who have training are also in partners of the Professional so uh, we do reseller opportunities where we sell and you can sell it to your clients and practice whatever forefront that you’ve liked. We also provide kind of supplemental endorser material so that you have some ideas about products, when you don’t really want to stock anything as far as inventory goes but you can still get the product and clients get the discounts through our website which is Lasergym.com and then the next three to six months will be several distribution outlets nationwide. So that’s another way that you can get the product and this kind of retail, and have it in your clinic as well as the opportunity to increase your revenue in reselling your product to your clients.

Doug Holt: It’s been great for us and I know that you know, I don’t want to endorse until I’ll fully believe in. Something else that people would think that the core laser is so new that whenever we’re having our facilities someone utilizing it with the professional everybody else is talking about it, and wants to know what it is, what it’s use for and how to use it. It is such a great way of differentiating yourself from other facilities or other professionals and other manufacturer that utilize it as well the coaches and the trainers. And finally a great tool to help people out but it also something that US professional can have, in your arsenal that can probably most of the people are gonna having not yet. I’m sure I’m gonna catch on a qualifying fit everywhere, as in different applications. But as of right now, it’s not quite everywhere yet. And I know for us, it’s been great and I’m sure that people are having a great success on it too. We’ll Ryan, would you guys see now, where you see a core laser going in the next year or two, may I know do things are changing fast and we talk a little bit offline. And I know you’re a person that, can you know, give us a little glimpse where do you think the industry is going and how the core laser will fit in that and can you share with us?

Ryan Jeffrey: Sure, yes over the next year, we hold to strengthen this partnership with the help of all the professionals here either it’s a retail agreement or regional agreements. So in our base, we’ve got three new studies that would be in the pipeline in year 2012 so were very excited about that. We’re gradually some kind of increasing of science space evidence behind the product which you know always differentiate our proof of concept in case studies that we’ve already completed. So, we’re very excited about that and we’re also looking the team up with leaders from the industry sports and golf. We can’t really expend some details but we’re working on the major player in the golf industry to developing what would be the specific model for golfers so we’re very excited about that and then eventually, we’re hoping to get the product directly to the consumers. But for the perceived future, our goal is to put in the hands of professionals so that they properly teach their equipment and how to use their products. And then in turn, they can take that home, use it in a daily basis, whether they’re in pain or wanted some warm up and stretching, before they play their golf in the weekend, go surfing or when they wake up in the morning. That’s the beauty of the product. It’s so easy to use and yeah I mean, we get a lot going but we’re really excited about it right now.

Doug Holt: That’s great, I’m sure that’s gonna keep on growing. But last one question. I know you’ve got to get going but you know, I always end up with an off-topic question, something I get from the book or table topics. So here’s your off-key question, if you’re on a front seat of any concerts, who would you like to see?

Ryan Jeffrey: Oh, that’s really tough. Um, wow. You know, I saw Pearl Jam from the very last, near the last row of the stadium and that’s two to three years ago. And if I could get the front row of the same show then that would be pretty incredible. I don’t think I’d go wrong there.

Doug Holt: I don’t think either, that sounds great. Well Ryan, thanks for joining us today. I’m gonna put some links on the show notes, everybody can find you as well as the website and we appreciate it and we hope we can hear from you in the future.

Ryan Jeffrey: Thanks, Doug. Really appreciate it.

Doug Holt: Yeah, you got it. What a great call from Ryan. He’s a great guy. I talked to him many times off air and in person. So I want to thank you again, Ryan for joining us. Again, I want to thank you guys, our listeners, really appreciate all the feedbacks that you guys have given us. They help us as we grow. Please share it with everybody else. This is the Holiday Seasons and coming in the year, be safe, be happy, spend some time with your loved ones. That’s all of us from Fitness Professional Online. Have a great day!

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