Answering Questions

In this episode, we choose six of your questions and answered them on air.

1.Lynn via LinkedIn asks “I’m new to the fitness field, though I’ve been working out most of my life. Do you have any suggestions for me?”

2.Tyler from the Golden Circle Mastermind Group wrote in and asked “I’ve owned a small training studio for ten years and have had problems with keeping my staff motivated. My client book is solid, but getting them up to par is tough. Any thoughts?”

3.Jaime left us a message on our line at 805-500-6893 and said “Hi guys, I love what you’re doing and am glad that the radio show is back on the air. I run a club in Florida and have taken over the marketing. What should I know about SEO?”

4.David from New York called and left a message on our line at 805-500-6893 and asked “How do I set up an email marketing account? I have no idea where to start.”

5.Eric from Canada sent us a Facebook message saying “I love the site! Thank you for all the hard work you guys are putting into raising the bar in the industry. I’d like to contribute, but have been told in the past that I should get a PR company to help me out. Any suggestions on which ones to use?”

6.Vince called and left a message on our line at 805-500-6893 and asked “Thanks for the advice in the forum. I’ve found a number of websites that have info about me on them and not all of it’s accurate. Is there a way I can control what is posted on the Internet?”


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FPO Team

FPO Team

We exist to give a voice to Fitness Professionals around the world in order to help exchange information and build our community. We, professionals, are the answer to many of the World's health concerns. By educating ourselves, and helping one-another, we can create a better world for ourselves and those around us. 
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