“What gets measured gets done.” There is a reason why this old cliché is very much valid in the financial and business world. It is crucial to creating a plan and have quantitative data in order to measure progress and improvements, and to ultimately increase performance, right?

Well, client programming is making a plan for improvements. As fitness professionals, we should consider ourselves in the business and financial world and client programming is the gateway to a beneficial fitness career.

Be sure not to fall victim to the disease of walking into the gym without a plan and just putting your client through a workout. Because after all “Comfort is a slow death.” Instead, client programming is a simple discipline that will set fitness professionals apart from your every day “fitness hobbyist.”

programming your success

Building a program is a way for trainers to engage with clients and to retain them. This can be done in many ways, for example by sitting down with a client to review the objective for the upcoming week or the next session.

Integrate your client into the conversation by asking if they have any input or request. And don’t be afraid to let go of some of your control by doing so. Be open minded to implement some activities of their liking. This engagement creates positive experiences and shows the trainee that you care. This will naturally lead to all programs looking differently, in which they should.

Regardless of whether or not your program is detailed or not, the activity itself reduces the likeliness of the client leaving you during that planned program. Retention is good!

I personally enjoyed signing up for fitness challenges with my clients. It’s a fun way to stay fit, conquer a goal, and build long lasting memories and relationships. When planning for a fitness challenge, make sure that the timeline is reasonable and the goal is attainable.

Not only does client programming increase your retention rate and make your life easier while training, clients can also sense and appreciate a purposeful training program.

Ultimately, client programming gives you the opportunity to enhance your workouts, measure and evaluate for improvements, and to facilitate a better experience for your clients.

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Brandon Wilson

Brandon Wilson

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