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Fitness Professional Online Radio Show brings in-depth interviews and features directly to a listener’s desktop computer, headset, car, or portable MP3 player. With at least one podcasts each week (on Monday morning) and a host of special programs, Fitness Professional Online Radio Show audiocasts reach regular readers of Fitness Professional Online as well as health and fitness professionals who use iTunes or frequent any of several dozen podcast sites on the web.

You now have the opportunity to educate these highly motivated professionals about your products and services through sponsorship opportunities.
Sponsorship Features

Hyperlinked sponsor logo embedded with the podcast.

  • This image and link appear with the podcast on the Fitness Professional Online Radio Show and remain in our archive. This branding will also appear on our website along with transcripts of the show.

Hyperlink to the advertiser web site.

  • Embedded in the podcast summary, this link appears wherever the podcast appears outside of Fitness Professional Online, including sites like iTunes.

Sponsorship announcement at the beginning and end of the podcast.

  • “This podcast is brought to you by …” opens and closes each sponsored podcast and is read by our professional voice talent or show host.

125×125 “brick”-style banner on podcast pages.

  • A 125×125 GIF (animation not allowed) will appear at the top of the right-hand ad column on the Fitness Professional Online Radio Show page for the episode you sponsor in the podcast directory.

Hyperlink on the home page.

FPO Team

FPO Team

We exist to give a voice to Fitness Professionals around the world in order to help exchange information and build our community. We, professionals, are the answer to many of the World's health concerns. By educating ourselves, and helping one-another, we can create a better world for ourselves and those around us. 
FPO Team

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