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Leslie T. McClure and her company, 411 Video Information has been doing publicity, marketing and consulting for independent producers and fitness professionals for over 30 years. While she works primarily with health, fitness and lifestyle professionals, many of whom have products, books, DVDs and/or are themselves their own brand, she also works strategically with other niche markets and brands; companies both large and small. In addition to consulting, publicity and marketing, she helps with product distribution. Her paralegal degree serves her clients well when it comes to deal negotiations. Other services that her company provides include websites, content writing and marketing, SEO, social media and viral marketing. Prior to starting 411 Video Information, Leslie was an elementary school teacher and the founder of Norstar Home Video, the first distribution company to offer educational and special interest video as a viable sell-through consumer product. Thereafter she was COO for VSH where she was responsible for developing and marketing the largest and most successful special interest video catalog in the entertainment industry. She has been a guest speaker at several media conferences and is the author of How to Break Into Video without Going Broke and Marketing Your Special Interest Video. She received a Benjamin Franklin Award for marketing and was honored as Special Interest Video Consultant of the Year and Home Video Publicist of the Decade. She was dubbed “The Queen of Special Interest Video” by her peers; a ‘crown’ she wears proudly. Leslie’s realistic and straight forward approach has served her well through the years with colleagues and clients. Friends have become clients and clients have become and remained friends.

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