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The Coopers Institute: Education & Certification
Using science and research as the foundation for each certification and course, The Cooper Institute employs internationally-recognized instructors and a one-of-a-kind training method to maximize our student’s understanding and comprehension of health and fitness concepts

Become a Certified Personal Trainer

Since 1970, The Cooper Institute has been changing lives for the better every day. Our mission is helping people to understand the connection between living habits and their health. If you are a fitness enthusiast and enjoy helping others, consider helping us extend our mission and become a Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer (CI-CPT).

The Cooper Institute Personal Trainer (CI-CPT) Certification examination is a nationally accredited exam for those interested in becoming a Personal Trainer. Most health club employers require a nationally accredited certification in Personal Training for employment.

Course Preparation

Once you have registered for the course and have received your confirmation, please review the following information in preparation for your class. Especially helpful will be knowing the class times and appropriate attire to wear each day. For several of our courses, a CPR Certification is required for successful completion.


The Cooper Institute staff welcomes the opportunity to provide both our consulting services and a multitude of partnering opportunities to clients that require our expertise. We have worked with clients as big as Fortune 500 companies to small non-profit organizations. Please feel free to contact us should you like to inquire about our services.

Courses At Your Site

The Cooper Institute has been educating fitness and health leaders worldwide for over 30 years. Join the thousands of Cooper-trained fitness leaders who are changing lives for the better every day. Utilizing science and research as the foundation for each course, we offer one-of-a-kind hands-on approach and can provide our expertise at your site for your added convenience.

Contact Information

The Cooper Institute
12330 Preston Road
Dallas, Texas 75230
Phone: (972) 341-3200 or (800) 635-7050
Fax: (972) 341-3227


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