The IHFE is an international Indian based healthcare and fitness education academy.

IHFE academy acts as a teaching institution for physical therapists, chiropractors, fitness trainers, athletic trainers, coaches, fitness enthusiasts, and professionals in every field of healthcare and fitness.

We offer a wide range of quality E-learning and in-class physiotherapy and fitness continuing education courses. Online education in the form of e-books, flashcards, power point presentation and quizzes empower you to learn a key skill or reach career goals, which make you high caliber health and fitness professional. In-Class program aims to provide face-to-face basic to advanced level courses through highly experienced Physiotherapists. Our aim is to give students the best possible health and fitness education for their clients that allowed them to produce the best results.

With the IHFE online physiotherapy and fitness continuing education provider, you can start your courses anytime and anywhere without the hassle of attending a traditional classroom environment that entails you to travel to an offsite location and follow someone else’s schedule.  With IHFE live courses, you will have a face-to-face world class education through our highly skilled and experienced Physiotherapists in your city.

IHFE is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation. IHFE holds JAS-ANZ accredited certification through QA Certification Services Pvt. Ltd. 


  • To convene live and online certification course, continuing education, and the upgrade of skill and knowledge of Physiotherapy and fitness independently or with the co-operation and collaboration of other institutions to fulfil or further the aims and objects of the IHFE.
  • “Continuing education courses are more focused and provide practical hands-on training. They can help you build skills you don’t have the opportunity to practice during the regular workday
  • Help advance your career and stay ahead of the competition in the workplace.
  • IHFE offer skills-based courses taught by experts in their field. It improves job-related skills.
  • Give your job prospects a boost 

Certificate course Options:

IHFE offers different certificate programs. These certificates can be earned through E-learning program:

Gym Trainer/Personal Trainer

Exercise Therapy

Weight Management Specialist (ISSA CEUs Approved)

Strength and Conditioning specialist

Back Injury Prevention Specialist (ISSA CEUs Approved)

Group Fitness Trainer/Aerobic Fitness Trainer

Fitness Assessment and exercise Prescription

Women’s Fitness Trainer (ISSA CEUs Approved)

Master Fitness Trainer

Pre and Post Natal Fitness Trainer

Continuing education options:

Flexibility Trainer

Exercise Science for fitness

Exercise and Osteoporosis

Fitness Assessment

Certified Pilates Trainer (ISSA CEUs Approved)

Core Training Specialist

Youth Strength Trainer

Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training Specialist

Live Continuing Education Program:

Basic and Advanced Dry Needling Techniques (ISSA CEUs Approved)

Cupping Therapy

Certificate Course in Manual Therapy

Osteopathy and Chiropractic (Advance Manipulative Therapy)

Muscle Energy Techniques

Women’s Health and Fitness Speciality

Pain Management for Physiotherapy

Functional Pilates

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