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The fitness industry is one of the largest and fastest growing markets in America and the world. The combination of an aging population, high obesity rates, and increased health awareness has created significant demand for quality, expert fitness professionals.

Ever wonder just how big the fitness market is? These 8 statistics, synthesized from across the web, show the incredible business opportunity offered by fitness, and in particular personal training, over the next decade.

  1. The global market size of the health club industry was $84.3 billion dollars in 2014, a 7.8% growth rate from 2013. (Statista, The Statistics Portal)
  2. There are currently 138.75 million members of health/fitness clubs worldwide. (Statista, The Statistics Portal)
  3. About 16% of Americans, 50.2 million people, currently belong to a health club. (Share Care)
  4. In 2012, there were 267,000 thousand fitness trainers and instructors employed in the United States. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  5. It is estimated that there will be an additional 33,500 fitness trainer jobs created in the next 10 years. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  6. The median pay for personal trainers was $31,720 dollars a year, as of 2012. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  7. Since 2010, the average salary of part-time personal trainers has increased by 12%. (ACE Fitness)
  8. As of 2010, 52% of personal trainers worked for a club, while 48% were self-employed. (ACE Fitness)

These statistics show that the global fitness market is well established and ripe with opportunity. Yet the numbers also demonstrate the market to be filled with competition, making it essential to ensure you are offering the highest quality service coupled with the best business practices.

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