Don’t hold back from being YOU. That would leave the world missing out on the purpose you’re here to fill. Do not deny the world it’s one and only chance to benefit from your you-ness. Your job is to be as you as you can be.

Comparing yourself is the quickest way to take all the fun out of your life. Plus, comparing will make you try to be like someone else when really, your inner super power is to be exactly who YOU and only you are. 

Taylor Basco

Instead of telling yourself what you wish you were, celebrate who you already are, because you have everything you desire to be within you. You just need to learn to access it. So, how does one gain access?

You must start doing the necessary work to become your best, because while it may take commitment, it’ll result in a happier state of mind and an abundant reality. Worth it? YES.

The more effort you put in, the faster you’ll gain access.

Once you start to see what doing the work to become your best starts to do to your life, you’ll get hooked, and you’ll be able to keep becoming your inner, most true self.

You’ll then start getting clear on what you really want out of life, and you’ll know exactly how to use your super power to get it.

So make the decision to commit to yourself. Don’t let your superpower go to waste when you’ve had it in you this whole time. You got this, start your journey and happily grow while on your way to your dreams.

If you need a little guidance to start this journey, try this free meditation or take this free mini coaching series made to help others access their superpower and become their happiest, truest self.

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Taylor Bosco

Taylor Bosco

Personal Trainer and Owner at My Body Taylor
Taylor’s drive behind her passion stems from her own fight to overcome depression. She used the power of fitness (body & mind) and nutrition to heal herself and is now on a mission to help others overcome their challenges and reach their highest quality of life. She believes exercise and proper nutrition is an extremely vital part of life, as health is the groundwork for all happiness.

Through ACE (American Council on Exercise) and NLP studies, Taylor has mastered different techniques, conditions, nutrition and several other aspects that need to be acknowledged to help someone achieve their healthiest, strongest & best body and mind. She holds herself to her highest standards because that is how she believes she can maintain a high quality of life.

Taylor finds fulfillment through helping others get results and is beyond grateful to be currently feeling her heart with this fulfillment on a regular basis through her company, My Body Taylor.
social: @mybodytaylor
Taylor Bosco

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