It is an epic time to be a fitness professional! From joining in to make a difference in the war on health epidemics like obesity and depression, to harnessing technology advancements to deliver fitness services across the globe, our field is exploding with opportunity.  Here you stand, ready with a solid education and the heart of a champion, determined make a difference.  But with scores of people joining the fitness industry every day, how will YOU stand out?

Regardless of the path, you pursue as a fit pro, it is your brand that will make you identifiable.  Think you’ve got it covered with a striking logo and website?  Think again… that’s just skimming the surface.  Your brand can be so much more!  You say you’ve got a fierce drive, determination, and an unmatched work ethic?  Awesome, but go bigger!

soulful branding

Think of the essence of what only you can offer.  Your brand is essentially your promise of how you will show up in this industry.  To enjoy the most impactful journey, I challenge you to unleash the heart and soul of your brand.

Think of industry standouts like Todd Durkin, Jillian Micheals, Peter Twist and Vito LaFata. Each of these individuals has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that cannot be duplicated. They are connected with, and radiate, that which makes them unique. Now this doesn’t mean that everyone will connect with what these individuals stand for.  Instead, by allowing the soul of their brand to shine through, they offer a beacon of light to those who align with it.  Remember, the soul of a brand is what draws the tribe.

Fitness great Todd Durkin brings a vivacious, deeply grounded motivational style to all he does.  I’ve had the honor of being mentored by Todd and can tell you that whether he is training a pro athlete, delivering a keynote, communicating on social media, or appearing on NBC’s hit show STRONG, his essence shines through. Todd weaves the soul of his brand into everything he does.  It is this consistency in branding that creates a safe space for those who align with Todd’s vibe to establish an emotional connection to what he represents.

So how can YOU unleash the soul of your brand?

  • DIG DEEP. It isn’t your degree or the accumulation of certifications that will ultimately set you apart.  It is who you are in all of your wonderful, raw uniqueness.  Take a little time to step away from the hustle of your daily routine.  It’s amazing how much clarity we can gain when we remove ourselves from the loudness of the world and go within.  Power down your devices and find a peaceful place to do some journaling. With distractions out of the way, identify and write down your core values.  Next, articulate without filtering, the qualities that make you unique.  Peel back the layers of self-consciousness.  Go deep, and remind yourself of all your idiosyncrasies.  These special characteristics are gifts — embrace them!   Be sure to transcribe everything that comes to mind so you can refer back to it. 
  • OWN IT. Begin each day with a review of your notes from the exercise above. Set the intention to let your thoughts, words, and actions be alignment with your authentic self. Mindfulness is a key component in functioning from a soulful place.  Unapologetically begin to let your quintessence shine through in all you do — all day, every day, personally and professionally.  To offer up anything less is to create a muted experience for yourself and those who come in contact with you.  It won’t always be easy.  Ego, social pressure, and outside influence may creep in, and at times pull you off center.  Let your gut become your guide. Put out a social media post that gets loads of attention but doesn’t resonate with what you are truly all about, and your gut will feel uneasy.  During these moments, center yourself with a gentle reminder of what you stand for and then get back to business.

 “There is a voice inside of you that doesn’t use words, listen to it.” -Rumi.

The fitness industry is filled with plenty of opportunities.  Only you can dictate the extent of the experience your chosen career will bring.  My hope is that you will find the courage to unleash the heart and soul of your brand.  Only one you will ever exist.  Therefore, there is no question that only you can touch this industry in your own unique way.  The question is WILL YOU?

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Karen Marzec

Karen Marzec

Karen is a fitness and wellness expert with over two decades of industry experience.She offers an insightful approach to helping individuals and organizations uplevel health and wellness initiatives.She is a speaker, consultant, and the owner of Bellafit Wellness for Women and Bellafit Bootcamps.Karen is the creator of an innovative new program, called Biofield Fitness, which combines traditional strength training with chakra awareness and balancing to achieve the ultimate mind, body, spirit connection.

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