As you probably know, Instagram has lately climbed its way up to be the hottest marketing platform, especially with the recent opening of Instagram Ads accelerating the pace of marketers putting effort into Instagram. You’re probably in a frantic thinking about what kind of content you are putting out. Obviously, to build a follower base on Instagram, you need high-quality content. That does not include big brand marketing budget, fancy video equipment, or celebrity endorsements. It is really about creative video content that people really care about. Instagram is a platform where you get to genuinely engage with your followers.

So now it is time to get creative and show the human side of your brand. Engage with followers and have fun. Don’t focus too much on hard numbers just yet but rather focus on building your community.

Creative Content for Your Fitness Instagram

To help you out, here are some examples you can use to crank up the creativity on your Instagram and get users to stay on your page.

1. Stop Motion Video
These have been a huge hit and depending on how to work your message into is, you can make it work in your favor. They resonate with your audience and lets them see the fun and creative side of your brand.

2. Follow what’s trending
Keep an eye out for what’s happening and trending. Whether it may be local, national, or global events, see how it plays in with your content and make a video out of this. Definitely, try to step out of your comfort zone and try to get in front of a trend. Be one of the firsts for the public to see a trend taking off!

3. Exclusive sales and offers
One way to speed up building a GREAT community of fans and followers is to consider offering them something exclusive. Run some promotion videos or give your followers a real reason to keep following you. Flash sales are great! Viewers don’t know what your brand is about just yet, give them something to talk about after their experience!

4. Behind the scenes videos
Instagram is a highly social platform – where you get the chance to engage with your followers. Give them a sneak peek behind the scenes in what you really do. You don’t always have to be glamor and glitter, showing off your products and offers. You don’t want to appear like a salesperson just interested in selling. Bring some engagement that will increase brand loyalty.

5. User-Generated Content
Using user-generated content is a great way to really connect with your followers. Keep track of your mentions and hashtag to occasionally repost some creative or cool content. Use apps like Regram for a speedy way to re-share a post and credit the original creator.

6. Competitions and Giveaways
Competitions and giveaways can be an awesome way to spread the word about your company and brand. Run a challenge for your target audience to do and ask them to post it with your #hashtag.

7. Use External Tools to Create Cool Videos
If you can, try to make a looping gif or a video that is a couple seconds long. It’s easy with apps like Loopcam to create a looking Instagram video or Hyper lapse and Shakr to make awesome videos to share across your social platforms and website. Get creative and make something that catches the eye!

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