To successfully develop your business it is not enough to merely offer high quality, expert training. Your business is only as strong as your clients, thus it is essential to develop, expand, and nurture your client base. Here are four quick, easy ways industry insiders use to constantly improve their client base:

1. Get the word out by writing: Paul Kuck, of Club Industry, says writing about fitness can be a great way to get your name out and demonstrate your expertise. He advises trainers to:

“Start writing. Writing is another effective way to tell people that you are the obvious expert and increase your visibility. Magazines, trade journals and newspapers are some of the publications that you can write for. Make sure your articles are interesting and easy to read (e.g. use shorter paragraphs and bullets).”

2. Offer Group Classes: Dr. David Ryan, of bodybuilding.com, says offering group classes is a great way to attract new clients while expanding into new client groups. He advise:

“Begin having classes that offer exercise to large groups. This obviously takes more room, but many of the simple cases can be geared towards children or senior citizens. Some groups like “Silver Sneakers” which work with major insurance companies like Blue Cross/Blue Shield are willing to pay for your additional certifications to allow you to work with their special needs. They pay you directly for the group classes and it is a huge marketing boost that often grabs the local media’s attention. Another option is to work with large groups of younger children.”

3. Build a relationship beyond the gym: Ryan Farrell, of the National Federation of Professional Trainers, advises building up lines of communication with clients outside of the gym. He states:

“Another huge way you can market to your potential and current clients is to be a part of their lives. Show them that you care about them and communicate that. Send them a card on their birthday. Send an encouraging text a couple times a month. Give them some inspiration via social media when you see they are struggling with something. Make sure you are communicating with them on a regular basis. The flip side of that is not to overstep boundaries. Don’t get annoying with it, but a gentle sales pitch or marketing campaign doesn’t hurt either. Not only will this keep your current clients, but a constant flow of communication will make it easier for you to ask your currents about giving you referrals.”

4. Utilize a referral system: Pat Rigsby, of FitBussines Insider, suggests offering a cash reward to your current clients for referring there friends, family, and coworkers to you. He explains:

“Simply tell your clients that you’d prefer to pay them instead of the newspaper or radio for sending you new business. You recognize that there is a cost associated in acquiring new clients and you’d prefer to get more clients like the ones you currently work with, so who better to reward than those very clients as they undoubtedly surround themselves with people similar to them.”

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