Before you start your workout, it is important to ensure your body is loose and ready to go. While static stretching is a good option to loosen the muscles, dynamic stretching has the added bonus getting the blood flowing and allowing you to break a sweat before really getting into your workout. Here are videos of from three experts walking you through great dynamic warmup routines.

Dynamic Warmup

When warming up for speed training, King Sports Training recommends a routine of Walking Quads, Deep Lunges, Lunge Twists, Side Lunges, Frankensteins, Windmills, Butt Kicks, High Knees, and Carioca. To see King Sports short video explaning the routine click here.


The Whistle


When warming up for sports, Tim Duer of Whistle Sports suggests a routine of Side Shuffle, Carioca, Straight Leg Kick, Butt Kicks, High Skips, and Inchworm Walks. To here about dynamic stretching for sports from Duer, click here.

Running Warmup


Before heading out on a run Sharp Physical Therapy suggests a dynamic stretching routine of high knees, toe sweeps, glute kicks, dancers lunges, and hip openers. To watch an example of the routine click here.

These three routines are a great way to get you or your clients ready for there workout. Dynamic stretching can be adopted for the beginning of any workout and is sure to increase the effectiveness of the workout!

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