How Employee Wellness Programs Support Sustainability

What do employee wellness programs have to do with sustainability?  If employees endure a stressful state of being for a long period of time, they experience burnout.  This affects a company’s overall productivity and profitability.  How does one sustain a stressful environment, attend to numerous job demands and sustain a…

Relaxation on the Cheap

There are many ways to relax without spending a ton of money. Several things with just a minimal investment can be done at home. Also, for those who have access to online services like Groupon and Living Social, check out the location and you can get great deals.

How important is emotional fitness to gaining physical fitness?

How important is emotional fitness to gaining physical fitness?  Is this something that I should be teaching my clients?

In a word, YES!  There’s been a shift recently within the fitness industry towards a more holistic, wellbeing approach to attaining a fit lifestyle by encompassing other aspects besides the physical components.  As the World Health Organization reminds us, wellness goes beyond simply being disease-free.  It includes other dimensions such as mental, social, spiritual, and emotional.  We train our clients (and ourselves) to make good decisions when it comes to physical wellness such as exercise and nutrition… but do you focus on training emotional fitness?  If not, here are some reasons why you should.


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