Warren Martin, a Best-Selling Author, has been embracing science over mainstream deceptions, changing people’s mindsets and lives since 2000. H has a multitude of Goal-Oriented Specializations – And a passion for cutting through detrimental myths by implementing Simplicity, Specificity, Progressions, and NO BULL into programs.

Have you ever seen trainers wiping down equipment at your gym? Between clients, they’re cleaning the treadmills, resetting the weights, and mopping the floor? That used to be me, hustling every minute of the day. I went from cleaning equipment and training
to owning one of the most successful gyms in the nation. And on this journey, I always chose science over mainstream deceptions, gimmicks, and quick-fixes in the fitness world. After starting at the bottom of the fitness world, I’ve devoted myself to continue
developing my expertise over the last 20 years and I now hold a multitude of Goal-Oriented Specializations. And people love my passion for cutting through detrimental myths by implementing simplicity, specificity, progressions, and my dedication to NO
BULL in my fitness programs.

I became a bestselling author with a powerful chapter exposing fitness myths in “The Wellness Code: Your Ultimate Guide to Health, Fitness and Nutrition,” which features other Celebrity Experts in the Fitness industry sharing their insights on healthy living. I
was published in Women’s Fitness Magazine (the international UK and Ireland) as a Fitness Elite GameChanger, along with 12 fitness books just for women. Plus, you may have seen me discussing health and wellness on CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox affiliates on the
John Spencer Ellis show.

You should know that I’m more than a gym jock – I’m a fitness science nerd. I have read countless books and attended hundreds of trainings about health, anatomy, nutrition, and exercises. I have dozens of certifications and specializations, which means you get
all of that knowledge focused on your specific goals. I can curate exercises and nutrition advice for your specific body, age, and history. And I work my ass off for you because I can see the long vision of your potential. So if you’re ready to work hard, I’m the person who can push you to finally get results.

Eric Malzone

Eric Malzone

Eric’s professional experience stems from a decade in various sales and marketing roles that led him to open a CrossFit (TM) affiliate in 2009, Gravitas Fitness. After 8+ years of gym ownership and a deep analysis of his own “ideal day,” Eric decided to sell his gym and go full throttle into FMA.

The success that he saw during his days as a gym owner, can now be leveraged to help thousands of gym owners worldwide.
Eric Malzone


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