Avital has been helping hundreds of people around the world discover truth and happiness for over 13 years through yoga, healing, and dance. It is her wish to help others see the light of their soul and feel the love that already exists in this universe. That light and love can help us find inner freedom.

After double majoring in Engineering and Dance at Washington University in St. Louis, she landed a job at Microsoft in 2001. Her whole life’s goal was to do well in school so she could get a great job. After reaching her life goal at 22, she had to figure out what she was living for after that. So she did what many other young seeking adults do, she hit the road to travel the world with a backpack.

As she practiced yoga postures in the middle of hostels or jungles, or on the most beautiful beaches of the world, people often approached her to teach them. It was a great joy to share something she loves, and to help bring inner peace to many people. The travels shifted her paradigms about life toward, what she was soon to learn, were the philosophies of yoga.

Dance seemed to sparkle its way into her travels as well, as she was often invited to train with professionals. In Mexico, after her first dance of salsa ever, a local professional salsa dancer invited her to train with him for a competition in a month, convinced they would win. Two weeks into her trip in India, she was performing Bollywood at a nationally televised Miss South India pageant.

In 2004, Avital became a certified Ananda Yoga® Instructor. She settled in Santa Barbara, California, and immediately founded an outdoor yoga business, managed yoga and fitness programs at the YMCA, and became a teacher trainer. she also had some fun teaching and performing Bollywood and Salsa.

Longing to share the deeper aspects of yoga postures and the spiritual path, Avital moved to Ananda Village. There she has worked as an Ananda Yoga Teacher Trainer and the Sales and Marketing Director for Crystal Clarity Publishers, Ananda’s publishing company. she have been sharing yoga, healing, and spiritual dance at Ananda, around the world, and on the World Wide Web.

With a desire to work with people one-on-one, she has started offering Energy Healing and spiritual counseling through Tarot Readings. The energy healing draws from Ananda’s Level 2 Healing training, Pranic Healing, and her intuition. She might be one of the only Tarot Readers who combines universal ancient wisdom derived from the Bhagavad Gita with how to live fully today!

Avital recently authored and published a book – “Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds”

Eric Malzone

Eric Malzone

Eric’s professional experience stems from a decade in various sales and marketing roles that led him to open a CrossFit (TM) affiliate in 2009, Gravitas Fitness. After 8+ years of gym ownership and a deep analysis of his own “ideal day,” Eric decided to sell his gym and go full throttle into FMA.

The success that he saw during his days as a gym owner, can now be leveraged to help thousands of gym owners worldwide.
Eric Malzone


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