Acea is an international and award-winning fitness educator/presenter who has spent over 20+ years sharing his knowledge and experience. As a Health Educational Specialist he has taught a variety of different modalities to fitness professionals all over the world (TRX® Suspension Training, Dance with Zumba Fitness, Sports Specific Training with Plyo Power®). Currently, Acea is a Senior Education Course Instructor for TRX®, Founder & Creator of Plyo Power® and Exercise Physiologist for the US Government.

There were two major “Aha moments” in my life.
#1: Remain a student of your craft forever… No one knows it all.
#2: When you do improve yourself with educational courses, seminars, conferences, training, etc… Make sure that (from time to time) you are stepping out of your comfort zone with what you experience within this incredibly wonderful and diverse industry that we are blessed to call our profession. If you are a die-hard Cross-fitter, then go take a Yoga weekend retreat, if you are a Yogi then sign up for a TRX functional training course, if you live and breath Kettlebells then take Zumba’s Basic 1 Training. Step out of your comfort zone and face something that scares you and then nothing will be uncomfortable… You will be fearless.

I’ve learned to use a gracious, knowledgeable, entertaining, systematic and clear approach when presenting health education. My goal is to provide safe, fun and simple ways to improve everyday movement so that we can live life to the fullest.

Eric Malzone

Eric Malzone

Eric’s professional experience stems from a decade in various sales and marketing roles that led him to open a CrossFit (TM) affiliate in 2009, Gravitas Fitness. After 8+ years of gym ownership and a deep analysis of his own “ideal day,” Eric decided to sell his gym and go full throttle into FMA.

The success that he saw during his days as a gym owner, can now be leveraged to help thousands of gym owners worldwide.
Eric Malzone


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