#005 – Luke Kayyem

And in this episode, episode number five, I get the pleasure of talking to Luke Kayyem. Now I’ve known Luke for a long time. I’ve known him probably since circa 2009/2008. And I’ve seen a lot of evolutions of what Luke is, but there’s one thing that’s consistent is this guy is tenacious. He is definitely a serial entrepreneur. He’s not scared to stand up against the big guys, and I truly admire him for that. He’s gone from fitness professional, competitor to facility owner to multiple facilities. And now he’s come kind of full circle, and he’s really honing in on his focus, which is now the Fitness Tribe Live and lukekayyem.com so he’s going worldwide with his talents and skills.

#004 – John Burch

In this episode I had the pleasure of talking to John [Burch 00:00:11]. So I’ve known John since 2008 when I actually took his mentoring course called The Biz Raise Your Game and it was one of the first business mentoring groups for crossfit affiliates and him and Andy Petranek who’s gonna be on the show next week or next upcoming weeks depending on the recording time were founders in that and they really pushed forward the business side of the affiliates in the crossfit world and helped a lot of fitness professionals in general. Johns been around the game for a while, he’s helped a lot of business owners become profitable and stay profitable, make a great living.

#003 – Dan John

This is Eric with the Future of Fitness Podcast and Fitness Marketing Alliance, and this was a really, really cool interview for me personally, I have to say. It went much longer than what we would normally do. It was about a 90-minute interview, but Dan John has been a major influence in my fitness coaching career, and hopefully you know who he is. Hopefully he’s a man that has to go without introduction, but in case you don’t know who he is, he is a long-time athlete and long-time coach. He’s an author of at least six books. He’s competed in track and field as a discus thrower, he’s competed in the Highland Games, he’s competed in multiple different … And he still competes. I think when I talked to him he was preparing for an Olympic Lifting Meet in the age of, somewhere, he’s in his 50s now.

#001 -Kit Klein

Hey, Everybody. This is Eric with The Future of Fitness podcast and the Fitness Marketing Alliance, and in this podcast I got to talk to Kit Klein from GORUCK. If you are unfamiliar with what GORUCK is, it is a US based apparel company, and they have branched out into doing military-style challenges all around the world. This is a company that’s seen a lot of growth in the fitness industry. It’s an interesting segment. Their slogan is “Building Better Americans.”


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