Motor Skill Development Basics

It is essential that children have early movement exploration programs in order to develop normally and completely into successful athletes as adults. Early training in perceptual motor learning must include total involvement in the environment. Infants can track an object held close to them by moving their entire body. Later this tracking develops tracking in a variety of directions, a skill that is essential in preparation for catching and throwing a ball. Holding a baby in various positions is also important. This causes effective kinesthetic skills as you hold and carry the baby in different positions.

babyswimming  Propriception can be developed in the pool. Putting an infant partially in   the water will stimulate movement and improve perception. Infants have   natural swimming abilities until they are about a quarter of a year old.         Reinforcing this skill early will ensure that the reflex will not disappear       and fear of the water later will diminish.

It is also important for exercises to develop hand and eye coordination. Suspend an object near the baby and have them come into contact with it by chance. Practice with the baby until he reaches for the items purposely. Then put the object in different directions and use noises to draw the baby’s attention to it. This is also a great test to see if the baby might be suffering from any hearing difficulties. Lastly, it is essential to put the baby in variety of positions. Have the baby on their belly as well as on their back. Combine activities with visual and grasping abilities. Children should also have social opportunities to be exposed to a variety of people. Structured motor programs after the three months are effective to socialization.

Motor development during childhood is also important and there should be many trial and error experiences. Learning by example is important. It is essential to demonstrate the skill and have them practice the skill in perfect form. Lastly, it is important that any skills that a child has missed during their early life be made up and extra practice geared to working on that skill.

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Christina Chapan

Christina Chapan

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