Gross Motor Skills for Early Childhood Development

Today is part two of the series on Motor Skills. Gross Motor Skills are the first motor movements in early childhood. They are the large movements of the body using the arms, legs, torso and feet. Sitting, catching, kicking, galloping, crawling, walking, running, jumping, are considered gross motor skills.

There are many activities that can develop gross motor skills. Balancing on beams, standing on dots, crawling and climbing develop coordination, control, laterality, and synchronize the right and left body sides. Other activities consist of students crawling, going over and under objects during relays and obstacles courses.

Hopping helps control body and balance. Students can hop around objects such a low boxes and cones, dots or stepping stones. Jumping develops overall gross motor skills and coordination. Students can also jump over objects, string, a line or beanbags. Students can kick balls, balloons of various sizes.

Running and walking are other great gross motor skills and can be done around an obstacle course or in a relay such as in and out of dots, hoops, tires, or lines. Skipping around objects in organized games teach direction and can be done to music with a variety of rhythms. Other gross motor movements include twisting, turning and bending. Gross motor skills prepare students for sports participation that can last a lifetime.


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Christina Chapan

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