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This is a series about fine and gross motor skills in early childhood. Children of all ability levels should have both structured and unstructured experiences in motor skills. Early interventions and involvements of parent and school can develop positive experiences, which can help students develop at a normal rate. This month’s article is part one of the series and explains what motor skills are.

What are motor skills? They are the large and small movements of the body such as lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying. In order to develop fine and gross motor skills, an individual must effectively use the mind-body connection and have spatial awareness of their surroundings.

Frequent teaching, reteaching and imitating are important when a student has difficulty mastering motor skills. Movement of the large and small muscles to the rhythm of a song also helps to improve motor skills. Practicing directions such as up, down, clockwise, and counterclockwise helps develop motor planning. Repetitive techniques such as these are important in developing both gross and fine motor skills.


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Christina Chapan

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