New Clients And Keeping Them Engaged

Getting clients to take action outside the gym can be one of the hardest parts of being an effective trainer.

When we get certified as trainers we learn a ton about how to train people. What we don’t necessarily learn is how deal with people.

To make a career out of training your clients need to see progress pretty quick or else you’ll lose them.

With 168 hours in a week and the fact that you probably only train a person on average 2 times a week. That is less than 2% of the week your client is with you.

If you are not giving them smart easily do-able strategic steps to work on, they will more than likely go right back into their pre-existing way of life resulting in little lifestyle change.

The question remains: How do we best engaged them?

These two videos should help. They’re from a workshop I gave in Boston.

This first video speaks to:

  • Creating New Habits
  • How exercise is a selfish endeavor and how that is a critical point to touch on
  • Motivate a client
  • How keeping it simple and easy at first is how you build their confidence

Snippet video #1:

It is here on YouTube:

Help clients understand thing better:
• What we are doing
• How it is going to affect them
• What we can expect to happen as a result

When clients can see what is going to happen and understand why … they are much more likely to be an active participant in the process. This way they will reach their goal in the quickest most efficient way.

In this second video you’ll discover:

  • How to get client to take action before they walk away from their first consult with you!
  • How to wrap their head around their food intake
  • Understanding the role the exercise plays
  • Getting to know your client is the best way to speak their language
  • When using the technique discussed in this video, a skilled trainer can close a massive amount of sales and give them specific direction on what actions need to be taken. Check it out here

Snippet Video #2:

Here is link to YouTube Video:

Training is such an incredible opportunity to have profound impact on someone’s life. I hope you found these videos helpful in getting your clients engaged

Training as a career is a great way to make a living and spend your day having Life Changing Impact on others.

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Mike D'Angelo

Exercise Physiologist & Founder of BodyEvolver PT Pro
Mike D'Angelo is an Exercise Physiologist with more than 20+ years' of groundbreaking success in the fitness industry. D'Angelo holds a degree in Exercise Science and is certified through the ACSM and NCSF. A native of Boston, he is a former internationally ranked natural bodybuilder and an endorsed contract model/spokesperson for a handful of well-respected fitness companies. D'Angelo a holder of Pro status from "ESPN's MuscleMania/Fitness America" and was a winner of numerous "Natural USA Bodybuilding Championships".

But most importantly to his many clients, he's a fitness professional passionate about maintaining – and teaching others to maintain – a healthy, balanced lifestyle through the benefits of comprehensive exercise and nutrition programs. His dedication runs so deep he developed BodyEvolver PT Pro. A cutting-edge online program, which is quickly getting recognized as the most effective, efficient way for fitness professionals to Measure, Track, Plan and Manage their client's progress and results. Mike D'Angelo's expertise in body sculpting know-how, his dedication and enthusiasm for the personal training industry and the development of BodyEvolver PT Pro, have all lead to him being a sought after expert in the field of personal training.

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