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With the success of our online issues of Fitness Professional Online, we are expanding the opportunity for advertisers to allow you to promote your products and services to reach a broader audience. Advertising on the Fitness Professional Online Website offers unique opportunities for business and organizations to get multiple exposures. This is a well-known triggering effect that is used by many top advertising companies. Our sophisticated tracking system allows for permanently placed ads on one or more category areas on our site so you can directly target the viewing options for your ad. We also offer rotating ads, which you are only charged per impression, which can allow you to better monitor you budget.

What will YOU get?

Basic Package

  • You will receive a listing on all applicable article pages
  • You will receive a link back to your site, which will also help search engine optimization
  • Access to post calendar events & local perks on FitnessProfessionalOnline.com 
  • Your business will be posted on our newsletter
  • Non-Profit Package

Same benefits as the basic package for non-profit organizations only

Position Size (Pixels) Price (1 Month) Price (3 Months) Price (6 Months)
Top Right (Key Position) 200 x 200 $700 $550 $450
Right (Sticky) 200 x 200 $450 $375 $325
Right (Randomized) 200 x 200 $200 $175 $125


Format: JPEG, PNG, or GIF format artwork.
Animation: Please do not submit animated ads for the e-newsletter (Since 2007 Internet Explorer will not display animation)
Dimensions: 200w x 200h pixels (premium placement with various dimensions available – ask a Fitness Professional Online rep for more information)
File Size: Image should be no larger than 40k. If saving in GIF format make sure files are saved at no higher than 5-bit with dither set to none. This will ensure optimal download speed.
URL: Any URLs referenced from within the HTML must be active.

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Doug Holt

Doug Holt

Doug Holt is the “Trainer of the Trainers” who focuses his time on developing cutting edge programs and techniques in the fitness industry. Doug’s vast experience, combined with a passion for helping people, has led him to work in just about every aspect of the fitness industry.
Doug Holt is the managing owner of the Conditioning Specialists in Santa Barbara, running the day to day business operations as well as providing fitness services to clientele. Doug is able to draw upon his experience as the former Assistant Director for the International Sports Sciences Association’s Education Department, Director of Information Services for the National Board of Fitness Examiners, and his years in the exercise equipment industry to give clients a well rounded offering of services. Doug Holt is also the publisher of Santa Barbara Fitness Magazine.
Doug is currently working on developing certification courses for health and fitness professionals. He is a regular contributor to many publications and has been featured as an expert in the field of fitness.
Mr. Holt has over 18 different degrees and certifications in the health and fitness field. Click here to read more about Doug's fitness background.
Doug Holt


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