New Horizons of Ignorance – Max Shank

Max is an eternal student, scientist, and artist of life and movement. Through his gym, books, videos, and online coaching programs, he helps tens of thousands of people get just a little better every day. He is a master of simplifying complex subjects and breaking them down into…

Exogenous Ketones – Frank LLosa

Frank LLosa is the CEO of KetoneAid. A company that is making a ketone ester sports performance drink that mimics the natural fuel source that your body can only make after 5 days fast, but does it in 15 minutes. Used not only for endurance sports, but also…

Automating & Scaling Online – Dave Smith

Dave Smith is an online health coach who was chosen as “Canada’s Top Fitness Professional” in 2013. He is the founder of the Online Trainers Federation, where he focuses on helping fitness professionals grow their brands and online businesses. Check out his business-building resources and podcast at


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