Fitness Professional Online isn’t just about high-quality information – it’s about building the fitness industry together.


FPO is about community. It’s about sharing ideas. It’s about raising the bar… not just for others, but for yourself as well.

As a fitness professional, your day is spent providing guidance as a coach and helping others to grow. All the best athletes and executives in the world have coaches and we bet you’re a great coach yourself. But who is your coach? Who do you turn to for guidance and questions?

Welcome to the Locker Room.

The Locker Room is a member’s only group designed specifically for health and wellness professionals of all levels just like you.

It’s a private mastermind group and community designed specifically to help you grow and lift those around you. The membership is limited and as such, it only attracts professionals looking for growth. It’s not a Facebook page where people post pictures of their goldfish and what they ate for breakfast. That’s all fine and good, but we’re here to help people grow and helping you grow is our mission.

The Locker Room is a mastermind community where synergy takes place. It’s professionals helping professionals.

In the Locker Room, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • 24/7 Members online access to a private and password protected community – this is not just a Facebook group
  • Attend special monthly online bootcamps designed by fitness industry experts to help you grow both personally and professionally
  • Attend a member only party in beautiful Santa Barbara, California
  • Attend member only calls with some of the fitness industry elite
  • Get eBooks before they become available to the public so you can get a jumpstart on the competition
  • Join in on guided conversations on the areas of growth, personal development, and business mastery
  • Gain new perspectives on the fitness industry and your business
  • Get support from fellow fitness professionals
  • Be involved in a virtual coaching program where you’ll get coached by your peers in an interactive virtual community
  • Meet professionals just like you that are there to help you. Those professionals that raise the bar for you and everyone else. The 5% Club… The Locker Room.

In celebration of launching our new site, we’re reducing the 1 Year Membership to the Locker Room by over 98%. Yup, One Full Year for only $7. That’s it. No catch. We only ask that you participate and help your fellow Fitness Professionals grow. It’s all about giving back.

We SOLD OUT and have now moved the community discussions over to Facebook.

Facebook Group for Personal Trainers



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