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Welcome to Fitness Professional Online – the Internet Hub for the Fitness Industry! It is our mission to bring you an online community to help you grow as a Fitness Professional.

Regardless of what stage of your career you’re in, Fitness Professional Online (FPO) will guide you to resources both on and offline. Here are some of the resources we are providing you with:

Information from Industry Experts

FPO has been designed to provide you with free online information from the industry’s leading professionals through articles, audio interviews, videos, and through our online community. We also realize that our industry can be “guru dominated” and we therefore encourage a cross section of thoughts and open discussion. You won’t find one dogma here, but rather a collection of thoughts, well researched material, and open discussion so you can decide what’s best for your clients and your particular situation.

Even though this site will constantly be updated with new content, FPO will be highlighting a theme each month with the BEST in industry information.

Help your fellow professionals around the world by submitting your own content. This is OUR site and we’ll continue to evolve as we continue to help one another. Team effort! (Sorry, blatant sales pitches just won’t work here. If you want to promote yourself, than do so by providing useful information to your fellow pros!). Find out how to become an author!

Product Reviews

With so much out there, how do you know what’s good and what’s trash? FPO has expert product reviews, but doesn’t stop there… we offer you, and professionals like yourself, to write reviews as well. This way, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t waste your money and time flipping through catalogs that don’t give you the info you need. Read, review, and buy. Help out your fellow professionals by providing reviews as well. This is OUR site!

Industry Calendar of Events

One calendar: one place to find all the industry’s events and seminars. Although we may miss a few in the process, we’ve opened up our database to anyone hosting an event that may apply to you, the Fitness Professional. All too often, professionals find themselves scrambling at the end of the year to get in their continuing education, or hear of a great seminar that they missed. The information is hard to come by and it’s not your fault, but now you have a place to check in to see what’s happening.

Ask an Expert

Each month we release a few ‘Ask an Expert’ articles that answer the questions you, the Fitnes Professional, have. From beginner questions to complicated situations, our experts answer it all! Feel free to submit any questions you want answered to and she will make sure your questions get answered. 


This site was designed with you, the Fitness Professional, in mind. We know we’re not perfect. In fact, we know we’re far from perfect, but we want to get better. Todd Durkin often says, “1% better every day”, and that’s what we strive towards. Let us know how we can get better. How can we serve you better so you can go out and help battle the obesity epidemic?

About Us

Fitness Professional Online was the brainchild of Doug Holt, who saw the need for an online resource for Fitness Professionals around the world. While working for a certification company, Doug helped thousands of professionals find the resources they needed, but it often took searching through random sites and sending them all over the web. There needed to be a hub that professionals could go to in order to get the information they needed to help their clients. Doug also believed that there was no one “right way” and wanted to create a space where a multitude of research and theories could be presented and thus allow the professional to decide what was best – hence Fitness Professional Online. Having experience in magazine publishing, Doug also wanted to bring a magazine style site to the savvy reader, releasing featured content for free to readers each month.


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