The Fitness Professional Online Toolkit

You’re a professional. You’re busy. You need tools online to help you not only rise to the occasion, but that will help you get more free time while rising above the competition. This is a tall order, but you can leverage technology to drive business and free time. Here are 7 to help you reach that goal.


Contactually has saved my life. As a fitness professional, business owner, and entrepreneur, I’m constantly juggling my contact lists between prospects, current clients, and people I need to be in front of. Contactually gives me 10 people to contact each day, provides me with sample templates, and even offers me sugestions if I’m not sure what to say.

The best part is Contactually will connect with my Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts to make sure I stay on top of each person. You can set up groups, or what Contactually calls “buckets”, and configure the setting for each person such as how long you want Contactually to remind you when to contact someone if you haven’t already (30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 6 months).

Resistance Training for Special Populations: Supporting Evidence

There are many conditions and diseases in which resistance training is tolerable, and in many cases, beneficial. Clients may be categorized into one of the areas which we refer to as “special populations”. There may be any number of special concerns or protocols you might have for each area. However, resistance training, in general, even at higher intensities is safe and effective for most clients who may fall into the following special populations. If you find yourself serving people in these populations, you need not fear. Thoroughly educate yourself on the subject, but you can be confident knowing that there is evidence already in existence to support what you may design for these clients.


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