About The NFTA

The *NFTA offers you the most convenient, ethical, and affordable Personal Fitness Trainer Certification. Learn online, in comfort, and at your own pace. Certification testing is available online, whenever you’re ready. Becoming a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Natural Strength & Conditioning Trainer, or Success Coach couldn’t be more convenient or affordable!

The NFTA Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the general public, professional fitness trainers, and those who wish to become professional fitness trainers, with an ethical, high-quality, alternative, international organization that is committed to realistic and modern methods of Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness.

We seek to support our members by:

  • providing convenient, ethical, and affordable Success Coach and Personal Trainer Certification.
  • providing a legitimate and fair certification standard.
  • providing accurate and honest health & fitness information.
  • providing important business documents and forms to help manage your clientele and business operations.

NFTA Accreditation

How we are different. Instead of claiming accreditation with an association that we created or are financially affiliated with in some way, we provide you with what we believe are the only true and fair measures of an association’s credibility.

Here’s why you can trust us:

  • We are an international organization, having members in almost every country with internet access, including: The United Kingdom (UK), the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Italy, New Zealand, Russia, Australia, India, Japan, Korea, etc.
  • Our methods & principles are approved by an expert board of degreed and forward thinking health professionals representing all major health & fitness fields. Representing Exercise Science & Physiology, General Medicine, Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Fitness Coaching & Management, Health Club Management, Sport Science, Kinesiology, Leisure Management, Physiotherapy, Physical Education, etc.
  • Our board members believe so strongly in the NFTA methods that they freely support them. That’s right; our board members are unpaid volunteers. If you find another personal trainer certification association that can say that, please let us know.
  • The majority of our board members possess masters and doctorate level degrees.
  • Our board members have “real” world experience. Membership is diverse and comprised of present and former health club owners & managers, competitive natural bodybuilders, competitive athletes, experienced professional physical therapists and trainers, etc. You won’t find another association with a more professional, knowledgeable, and experienced group of leaders.
  • The majority of our board members received their degrees and training in the United States.
  • A significant minority of our board members received their degrees or additional training in other countries, such as Russia and Poland.

We started teaching our Natural Training Methods online in 1998. *We are now in our 11thyear. We’re here to stay.

Contact The NFTA

Live Operator: (706)623-3671. Weekdays, 11AM-4PM, EST.
Mailing Address: The NFTA, P.O. Box 49874, Athens, GA 30606-9998.

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FPO Crew

The FPO Crew is made up of a number of skilled, fit, intelligent, and beautiful people who love overall wellness as well as helping people. Everyone in The FPO Crew has a true passion for working with Fitness Professionals all around the world to help grow the industry and thus help more people on a larger scale.
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