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If you’re new to the fitness industry, or if you’re a season vet, you know you should be doing assessments on all your clients. What you track gets attention and without tracking, there’s no way to tell if you, or your clients, are making progress.

This can be a tedious task at times and require a lot of calculations. If you’re like me, you’ve got an excel spreadsheet on your gym’s main desktop, charts in each client folder, and a series of formulas depending on the client’s goals. It’s a pain in the rear to say the least and it takes a lot of time to track the progress over time in any meaningful way – especially a way that’s visually appealing.

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Dark Side of Fat Loss

One of the first things you’ll notice in Sean Croxton’s book, The Dark Side of Fat Loss, is Sean’s writing style. Sean starts off the book talking about how we’d like you to forget everything you’ve ever thought about when it comes to exercise and nutrition here keep this several times.

Once the reader agrees Sean then delves into several very deep, and sometimes controversial, subjects.

Sean bares his soul and tells the reader about his past as not only a college educated professional, but his own struggles with depression and nutrition. He shares what he’s learned from three years of research and study and interviewing some the top professionals around the world. Sean goes on to state that he has a master’s degree from


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