Over the past six years, I have been studying and trying to identify the difference between what makes some people succeed and other people fail.   

I have found that most successful people have certain traits and a specific mindset. One of the most important things to remember when trying to strive for any type of success is that consistency is key and hard work is a must. If you’re anything like me, nothing is just handed to you, and you have to do certain things every day to get the outcome you want.

Below are six things that I have done over the last six years that have helped me achieve a certain level of success while keeping a balanced life.  

1. Read 10 Pages Every Day of Something Positive That Involves Self-Development

I just came across a scary statistic today states 80% of North Americans did not buy or read a book in the last year and 70% of American adults have not been in a book- store in the last five years. If you want to learn how to be successful, I suggest that you read just 10 pages a day. If you read “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy, he explains that doing small, positive things consistently will, over time, make your life more positive. 

2. Listen to 30 Minutes of Positive Audio EveryDay

It is proven that your mind absorbs best upon waking up in the morning and at night before bed. Challenge yourself to wake up just 15 minutes earlier and start your day off right with positive reinforcement while your mind is fresh, clear and ready to soak up what is being said! Also, before you go to sleep, finish your day off with 15 more minutes of positive talk and have good thoughts running through your mind all night. Just like reading, doing a little every day will keep compounding over time. This will help you to start talking and thinking more positively. Fill your head with great things! 

successful life3. Have Mentors

This is one of my most important rules to live by. If you want to learn how to do something, find a person who does it well, and finds out how they do it. If you want to be happier, find someone who lives a happy life. If you want to make more money, find someone who makes good money. If you want to be less stressed, find a person who copes with stress well. I have always found people who do well and reached out to them so that I can learn from them. It has helped me get to where I am today. Don’t be afraid to learn! Always look to become a better you.  

4. Try Journaling and Scheduling 

One of the best ways to improve your life is to write things down. This is one of the best ways to be held accountable to the most important person – YOU! If you want to improve your eating, write down everything you eat. If you want to be better at managing money, write down every penny you spend. This will help you stay on track and understand where you are going wrong. I find so many people want to change their lives, but they will not do simple things like journaling and scheduling. If you want to improve your life, it is going to take a bit of work. Along with journaling, have your weeks planned out and pencil things in, like meetings, workouts, etc. If you do not plan, then you plan to fail. Remember, success is as easy as following a recipe.

5. Create Goals and Know Your “WHY” 

This is what I believe is the most important step in the process of being successful. If you do not know where you’re going, you will never get there. Write down your top 3 long-term goals that you want to obtain and then break them down into smaller short-term goals. For me, I write down my 3 yearly goals and then break those down into monthly and weekly goals. This will eventually lead you to your top goals. Next, you need to find a strong “why”. This is important because when you face obstacles, and you don’t know “why” you are striving for a certain goal, you may end up giving up. Your “why” needs to be important to you, so you can overcome anything that gets in your way. If it is weight loss that you want to achieve, or you want to have a longer, healthier life, let your “WHY” drive you to your goals.


All the points mentioned above will not help you if you don’t take massive action. You can listen, read, plan all you want, but if you don’t get up and actually do something about it, then you’re just wasting your time. If you want something bad enough in life, and work towards it, anything can be accomplished. Don’t just be a dreamer or someone who talks a big game and does not do anything about it. Get up and do at least one thing every day that will help you achieve your goals. It’s important to know that the most successful people in the world usually have overcome the most adversity.   

It is possible to do anything if you set out and work hard to try and accomplish it. Take action now, and stop being like everyone else.

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Terry Blizzard

Terry Blizzard

R.H.N, FMS 1&2, Strength & Conditioning Coach at After Burn
Terry Blizzard has climbed to the top of the fitness industry in Atlantic Canada. For more than a decade, he has been improving the health and well being of men, women, athletes, and youths.

Terry began his fitness career as a personal trainer 17 years ago in a big box gym, where monthly sales quotas and selling tactics were the focus of business, rather than client results. Terry made the decision to leave the big box world to transform the health and fitness industry in his local area.

Terry is a certified ISSA Master Trainer and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. He has also completed Function Movement Screens Level 1 & 2, completed courses in Sports Phycology and is competent in the study of movement and its impact on the body.

Terry has been mentored by some of the best in the fitness world. He has spent thousands of hours learning from other industry leaders, including Juan Carlos Santana from I.H.P. in Florida, Mike Boyle from M.B.S.C. in Boston, Jonathan Chaimberg from Adrenaline Performance in Montreal, Charlie Weingroff from New York, A & R Crossgrove from Results Fitness in California, Eric Cressey from Cressey Performance in Boston, Kevin Neeld from Endeavor Sports Performance in New Jersey and Rob King From Heavy Weights in Newfoundland.

At Afterburn Performance, Terry has introduced a lifestyle transformation approach using innovative training techniques. He has dedicated his life and career to helping others find the motivation to transform their own lives. Terry is an inspirational voice and his philosophy has helped countless clients achieve their personal goals, whether it is weight loss, weight gain, elevated sports performance, injury rehabilitation, dealing with diabetes, controlling cholesterol and high blood pressure, or simply overall ‘fit for life’ objectives.

Terry Has also helped the development of some top hockey players including most notiable Jonathan Huberdeau, Charlie Coyle, Nathan Beaulieu, Tomas Jurco, Thomas Chabot and Jakub Zobril.
Terry Blizzard

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