The key to any successful marketing strategy is to be a resource. Forums present an excellent opportunity for companies to practice what they preach by providing valuable, trustworthy information to real people experiencing real problems. Becoming a part of forum conversations not only spreads your brand awareness, but also helps build trust between the community and your company.

Read the 7 steps to successful forum marketing listed below in order to take advantage of what this medium has to offer.

  1. Identify the best forums

Search for popular forums that cover your business’s niche audience. A great idea is to ask employees, customers and suppliers which forums they utilize. Narrow your choices to a list of 5-10 forums with at least 1,000 members and at least 10,000 posts.

  1. Create an account as soon as possible

Forums often do not allow new members to post right away. They also give priority to seniors on the site. Therefore, make sure to create your business account to start posting as soon as possible.

  1. Introduce Yourself

Create an introductory post that includes a brief description of your expertise regarding the niche and an explanation of why you joined the forum. It is important to tell other users that your main goal is to educate and learn from the community.

  1. Spend Some Time Lurking

Refrain from immediately posting. Like any friend group, forums are tight knit communities. Therefore, it is important to spend time reading the current posts and to know influencers.

  1. Put Your Website As Your Signature

After adding informative content to the forum conversation, direct viewers to your website by including your website url as your signature. If your comments are detailed and helpful enough, you can attract forum users to your website.

  1. Create Marketing Campaigns

After receiving permission from the forum and establishing a relationship with influencers, conduct marketing campaigns to attract niche participants to your store. Offer discounts, contests and special offers!

  1. Avoid Drama

People who engage in forums are often passionate about that niche topic. Therefore, at times, emotions can rise and drama can occur. Always stay professional and avoid becoming part of an intense conversation that can potentially deter people from your brand.

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