The fitness industry is in massive grow right now. The opportunities for personal trainers or other fitness professionals are astounding.

But, if you haven’t clearly defined your niche within the industry, chances are you’ll simply be lost in the ever-growing fitness industry.

Niching down allows your marketing efforts to have a more significant impact and a much better chance of growing your business quickly.

People tend to seek out personal trainers because they have specific goals in mind. Maybe they want to burn fat, bulk up or get ready for their sporting season. When those prospective clients start their search for a personal trainer, they are more likely to search for a niche trainer instead of a generalist who claims they can do it all.

Just think, if these potential clients search online, they are going to search for things like, “best personal trainer for new mom” or “top bodybuilding personal trainer.”

Even if they only search “personal trainer near me,” they are still going to be more inclined to work with a trainer who specializes in the same area as their fitness goals.

Focus on Fitness NicheTargeting a smaller audience with a specialized set of niche services or products has multiple benefits.

1. Become THE Expert

2. Reduce Your Competition

Follow this 2 steps to determinate your Fitness Niche:

1. Examine Yourself

The first step towards defining your niche is understanding you and your own strengths and weaknesses.

2. Define the Scope of Your Niche

You need to work in an area that is actually large enough to support your target niche. If you live in an area with a population too small to support a tight niche, then you may have to expand your target audience somewhat while still carving out a smaller target niche within that group.

Your current client base is another great tool to use to define the scope of your niche if you have them. For example, are the majority of your clients in a specific age range? Do a majority of your clients come in with similar goals? You might find that your clients are already defining your niche for you even if you haven’t realized it.

Most niches have been filled somewhere in the world, but maybe not in your area?

“Bodyweight training” is an example of successful niche, but what other examples are there? A slightly narrower niche that you could target is “middle-aged women who want to burn fat.” Other age ranges you might include children or senior citizens. All three of these age ranges require different workout techniques to achieve similar results.

Clients who have enjoyed your sessions are more likely to share their experience with others who are in the same age range, thus increasing your business by word-of-mouth, and furthering your reputation as the master in your chosen niche.

In conclusion, it makes sense to tighten your niche to help increase the success of your business. The key is finding just how tightly you can go without losing too many potential clients. Finding the right niche in the right area can quickly propel your personal training business to new heights.

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Daniel Yakupka

Daniel Yakupka

Daniel Yakupka is an International Fitness Expert with 20 years of experience.

Daniel has been featured in IDEA Health and Fitness Magazine as Top Fitness Professional in Washington DC and magazine contributor, as Mastermind Member in the Spotlight,,,and

Daniel is a ACE certified trainer,MS,WLS,PES,TRX Coach and Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition.

Daniel was named Argentina’s most successful personal trainer and worked in the Washington DC Metro area as a Fitness Specialist until 2008 when he opened Fit for Life Fitness In-Home Personal Training Specialists.

Daniel can be reached via email at
Daniel Yakupka


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