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When you generate leads for your fitness business properly…you learn something about them.

You learn that they’re dealing with back pain or they are planning a wedding and need a quick fix or they’re interested in running their first marathon.

You learn these things by using Lead Magnets.

A Lead Magnet is a small chunk of value given in exchange for a prospect’s contact information. A well-performing Lead Magnet will solve a specific problem with a specific solution for a specific segment of your market.

You got it…specificity is so important that I mentioned it three times.

Specificity not only helps our fitness marketing convert better but it allows us to learn more about the leads we generate (and what they would buy) than a broad Lead Magnet that makes too many promises.

Let’s look at an example…

What do we know about a prospect that opts in to this Lead Magnet?

Screenshot 2015-05-22 20.49.46

Pretty obvious right? We know they’re interested in relieving the frustration that busy women feel about their arms even though they workout.

And we just happen to have a product that addresses that very problem.

It’s time to


When you know what someone wants…this fitness business game gets a lot easier.

By opting in to your specific Lead Magnet, you know exactly what to offer them.

I call these specialty programs since they will solve a specific problem for a specific person.

In this example, it could be something like a 21 Day Tank Top Arms Challenge that promises to get a woman’s arms ready for tank top season and has them looking strong, lean and ready to rock.

Once you have a specialty program all you have to do is set up an email autoresponder series that makes this offer to your prospect.

We call it an Engagement Series and the goal is to get the new prospect to buy.

The first email in the series can open like this…

“Yesterday you requested my [insert Lead Magnet title], and I just wanted to check back in and see if you had a chance to [read/watch] it yet.

More importantly I wanted to make sure you saw this: LINK TO SALES PAGE”

Depending on the price and complexity of the offer, you might continue this Engagement Series for a few days or a few weeks.

In any case, some will buy and some will not.

And those that buy may be ready to…


This is the key to creating a Value Loop.

Broke fitness marketers make a single offer and call it a day when they get a sale. Wealthy fitness marketers maximize profit by making another offer. And another. And another. Creating a stacking revenue model and back end. That allows you too…


And email marketing is the simplest way to automate this process.

We call it an Ascension Series and the goal is to sell more to existing customers. By getting your clients to buy more frequently once they are in your doors, you can increase your income without a ton of additional expense.

That grows that take home check.

What you want to do is simple craft an email series that opens something like this…

“Yesterday you purchased [insert product name], and I just wanted to say thanks again for coming aboard.

 I’m so happy to have you in the family.

 More importantly I wanted to make sure you saw this: [LINK TO UPSELL SALES PAGE]

 If you’re really serious about [insert topic/known desire and end result], then this is the next ideal step.”

The key is to make a relevant upsell offer to those that purchased in the Engagement Series.

In our example, if a client bought the 21 Day Tank Top Arms Challenge program, offering them to add a meal replacement shake to help their nutrition would be a great upsell offer since it will help them get better results and it makes sense to be tied with a fitness program that involves achieving a great look.

Your job as the business owner is to know this: For every offer you make there is some percentage of buyers that would buy more.

Read that again because it’s important. It’s the key insight in creating the Value Loop.

For every trial membership, some percentage will buy a full regular membership. For every group training member, some percentage will buy private training. For every member, some percentage will take a nutrition consult to go over diet in more detail and then also buy supplements.

Put the pieces together to create a Value Loop and build a strong back end to your business and you will make more money in your business.

And if let your autoresponder do the leg work, you can also free up your schedule for some down time.

So, what do you do when customers and prospects say “NO” to a Engagement or Ascension email series?

You change the conversation.

Stay tuned. That’s the subject of next month’s column.

Vito La Fata

Vito La Fata, known as "The Systems Guy", is a fitness entrepreneur, business coach and all around fitness professional. Vito is the creator of Fitness Profit Systems, a business coaching and education company with the mission of improving the marketing, business and leadership systems in the fitness industry. FPS exists exclusively for the purpose to help network, coach and train the industry to come together with the mindset of co-petition vs. competition. Vito is also the owner of Fitness Evolution in Laguna Hills, CA. FE exists because we believe fitness is the cornerstone to a life of maximum potential and happiness.

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