• The Fitness Professional Online Toolkit

    You're a professional. You're busy. You need tools online to Read More
  • 4 Industry Experts Tips to Build Your Client Base

    To successfully develop your business it is not enough to Read More
  • What questions should I ask that will help uncover any emotional resistance my clients have to their physical success?

    This is an interesting question that definitely explores the psychology Read More
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  • Doug Holt

    Doug Holt is the “Trainer of the Trainers” who focuses his time on developing cutting edge programs and techniques in Read More
  • Brian Sutton

    Brian Sutton is the Fitness Education Program Manager for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), a global leader in Read More
  • Shaun Zetlin

    As the son of a professional bodybuilder, Shaun was exposed to weightlifting and exercise at a very young age. After Read More
  • Christina Chapan

    Christina Lee Steele Chapan is a certified personal trainer with four certifications from ISSA ACE, AFAA and SCW. She specializes Read More
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Ask An Expert

  • I recently injured myself and cannot demonstrate new exercises to my clients.  Do you have any suggestions for what to do when I can’t physically demonstrate what they should do? +

    The physical nature of personal training is one of the Read More
  • The Benefits of Kettlebell Sport +

    Kettlebell Sport, known traditionally as Girevoy Sport (GS), is gaining Read More
  • 9 Scientific Principles Of Success +

    Is there a simple formula for success? In 2011, motivational Read More
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Expert Advice

  • Perimenopause Living Life in Between

    Perimenopause is a phase of life that is Read More
  • Preparing for Your First 5K

    Preparing for your first 5K can be a Read More
  • Using Group Heart Rate Monitoring to improve results and sales of group HIIT Training

    Accurate systems for monitoring heart rate during exercise Read More
  • The Language of Strength Training Program Design

    Much like writing software or music, a universal Read More
  • Keys to Being an Excellent Fitness Coach

    In the industry of wellness and fitness, it Read More
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  • Throwback Thursday: Continuing Education (December 24, 2014)

    This week’s Throwback Thursday piece is “Continuing Education”, Read More
  • Throwback Thursday: The Trainer Fuel Experiment (February 23, 2013)

    This week’s Throwback Thursday piece is “The Trainer Read More
  • Throwback Thursday: Glorious (Injurious) Gluten (January 18, 2013)

    This week’s Throwback Thursday piece is “Glorious (Injurious) Read More
  • Throwback Thursday: The Importance of Stretching and Flexibility for You and Your Clients (January 21, 2013)

    This week’s Throwback Thursday piece is “The Importance Read More
  • Throwback Thursday: 7 Extraordinary simple, hard exercises on the floor (June 8, 2013)

    This week’s Throwback Thursday piece is “7 Extraordinary Read More
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  • Medicine Ball Training

    Medicine Balls are great tools that are making Read More
  • Stability Ball Exercises

    Stability balls have been around a long time. Read More
  • Foam Roller Exercises

    The foam roller is a great tool for Read More
  • Running in the Elements

    Some runners are dedicated to their sport, no Read More
  • Training Your Brain: A Guide to the Reasons We Run

    More and more people are discovering the joy Read More
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  • What Causes Lower Back Pain

    Back pain is a significant problem in our Read More
  • Hip Hop Housework

    After a hard day at the office or Read More
  • Hip Bursitis

    Hip bursitis is mostly characterized by the inflammation Read More
  • Throwback Thursday: The Staggered Pushup (February 2013)

    A staggered push-up is an anaerobic exercise that Read More
  • Running Injuries 101

    Running has increased in popularity. It has also Read More
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  • 3 Practices Required For Marketing Success

    For years, marketers all over the world have Read More
  • How to Create the Email Marketing Value Loop

    Concept image of the six most common questions Read More
  • The Most Inexpensive Way To Acquire New Clients

    Hi Fit Pros, Happy Spring 20215! TrainerLisa here Read More
  • Focus on slow times

    Hi Fit Pros Online, TrainerLisa here with help Read More
  • Launching Successful Club Programs

    Without an effective launch process and strategy any Read More
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  • High Blood Pressure: The Silent Killer

    High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is known as Read More
  • Podcasts for Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

    Check out these great podcasts for keeping a Read More
  • You Are What You Eat: The Chicken and the Egg Part 1

    This part of the series covers various types Read More
  • Pre and Post Workout Snacks

    Looking to maximize your workout? Follow these steps Read More
  • Creating a Group Nutrition Program

    The role of the fitness professional is changing. Read More
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